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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ReCoSys brand of electronic Remote control Switches.

ReCoSysTM Electronic Remote Control Switches

IT Consultants have started marketing of ReCoSysTM brand of electronic Remote control Switches.

These electronic remote controlled switches are based on Micro Controller and available in various types according to different requirements.

These switches which are also known as 'Sensors', basically consist of two switches, i.e. one can control two devices using only one Sensor(Remote switch) and avalable in standard size piono switch, also available in modular type. So you can control one Tubelight/Bulb or CFl and one Fan with up and down speed control of the fan. The fan controller of the switch can be programmed to be used as on/off switch as well. Two Push-To-On/Off buttons with two LED indications are provided on the switch. A vary simple WIRING has been provided with switch, so that a novice also can connect his own with a preliminary knoledge of the electrical wiring.

These switches are available in various wattage combinations for different needs e.g. 100W+100W, 100W+400W, 100W+1000W, can be used for different purposes.
One more type is avalable to control three devices and is available in 40W+100W+100W, 40W+100W+400W combinations but it lacks the LED indications for the switches state.

Switches with timers
Switches with timers are also available specially designed for Coolers. One switch on the sensor with preprogrammed to on/off pump motor for different intervals, so that humidity may be controlled together-with water saving, other switch on the sensor is preprogrammed to be used as off timer for fan of the cooler in steps of one hour up to eight hours.

Another type available for fan On/Off Timer upto eight hours in steps of one hour, may be used to control a device to either switch On or Off after specified time interval.

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