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Monday, May 23, 2011

Save Water & Save Electricity

IT Consultants, now brings an ultimate solution to your day-to-day need to automate the filling of Overhead Water Tanks and switching the Water Pump Motor.

Aqua Mate:
Aqua Mate: The Ultimate Automatic water level Controller
The ultimate automatic water level controller to control the switching of the pump motor. Whenever water level reaches to the predefined minimum level this unique controller will switch on the pump motor and will switch off the pump motor when the water level reaches to the predefined maximum level whether you have a single phase pump motor or three phase pump motor or submersible pump motor.

Various settings are available: 
As per your requirements Various settings are available. If you have Sump Tanks(Lower Water Tanks) the system can be used in such a way that pump motor will start only when the Sump tank have water to pump. 

Using 'Dry Run Sensor' in combination with controller, motors can be protected from burning-out due to dry running (Motor running without Water may burnout.)

No Special Sensors are required for Level Sensing normal wire is used.

Four Modes of Operation
Easy to Install
Hi-Low Voltage protection

So, You Save Water, preventing from overflowing, 
Save Building Avoiding seepage of water from roofs & walls due to overflowing tanks
Save Electricity, preventing the unnecessary running of your pump motors
Increase Motor and Starter Life: Zero Crossing Change Over spark free switching

So, You SAVE MONEY All the way.

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